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Tasty Cum Covered Lollipop

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Good looking young star Timo discovers hot little Dustin in the bedroom enjoying a tasty lollipop treat and he's certain the slim young hottie would work his pecker with just as much delicious skill. With a taste of his warm meat the boy gets a lesson in hard dick, right up the butt! These boys might be young but they know how to work those cocks to get their juicy loads pumping. Check out the tasty treat Dustin gets as his reward!

December 14, 2018 dustincooper Random Stuff 0

Twinky Boys Share A Tasty Treat

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Dustin has a present for his friend Patrick, but this isn't the kind of thing he should enjoy all on his own. The tasty treat is a perfect way to get the fun started and with a little licking the boys are soon turning their attention to something meatier. With sweetness on their tongues and the savory deliciousness of their leaking cocks the two boys are soon taking it all the way, with Patrick easing his prick into that tight little rump and giving his boyfriend an amazing ride on his dong! Riding his lover's big fat cock gets our latino twink gushing cream out over him, but he's soon sharing the taste of Patrick's cream in a messy kiss!

November 23, 2018 dustincooper Videos 0

Licking The Creamy Lollipop

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Dustin seems to be practicing his rod sucking skills on a little lollipop, but he really needs something a little more real, a little more meaty and delicious. Timo is on hand to help, feeding him a real dick and then filling up his sweet little ass! The boy almost forgets his sticky treat as he has the jizz fucked out of him, but Timo is soon ready to add his semen to the sugary lollipop to make it even more tasty!

June 30, 2015 dustincooper Videos 0

Skinny Twinks Classroom Fuck

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Dustin and Cooper just can't get enough of each other! Even though they could be caught in the throes of passion by anyone, the boys are soon getting their hard cocks out in the classroom for some sucking and fucking. Dustin's ass gets a thorough fucking and the jizz load pumps from his cock, before being splashed all over the face and showered with Preston's spooge!

December 6, 2013 dustincooper Videos 0

Christmas Cock Sucking!

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The promise of a Christmas bone sucking for Dustin Cooper soon leads to a lot more as the boys suck on each others candy canes and Robbie Anthony slides his hard one into his fuck buddy's tight little pucker! It's a great fuck, and just how we would all love to spend our holidays too! Forget the Cranberry jelly, gimme that boy juice! Lol

December 24, 2012 dustincooper Videos 0

Dustin Cooper Gets Paddled!

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Jeremy Sanders is pissed, but his annoyance with Dustin Cooper's forgetfulness is soon forgotten when he decides to take out his frustrations on his hot little ass! Spanking with a paddle leads to a lot more when that sexy butt is exposed, with Jeremy easing his raw twink pecker inside for a horny ride!

September 14, 2012 dustincooper Videos 0

Tony Hunter Fucks Dustin Cooper

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Cute Dustin Cooper has a thing for older men like his new tutor Tony Hunter, and when he gets the chance to make a move he makes it obvious what he wants. The horny Tony Hunter certainly isn't scared of breaking the rules to get some hot ass, and he doesn't need any more of an invite before he's feeding the boy his long joystick. Dustin Cooper knows what a man wants, and he's quickly offering his smooth little boy hole for Tony to ride, eventually fucking the spunk out of the boy before splashing his face with his thick white load!

September 7, 2012 dustincooper Videos 0

Good Sex with Dustin and Kyler

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If Dustin Cooper has been lacking good sex in his life, Kyler Moss is likely the best person to help him out! After the two makeout and lose some clothes, Kyler feeds Dustin his uncircumcised rod. Once it's wet, Kyler suits up and delivers the jackrabbit fucking he's known for when he tops. After an energetic fuck, the two get into a hot sixty-nine until they spunk.

April 27, 2012 dustincooper Videos 0

Dustin is Very Flexible

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Dustin Cooper just finished shooting his fifth Lollipop Twinks, which also happened to be his first scene with super-twink Kyler Moss. He describes the scene as fantastic and says Kyler, "knows what he's doing!" At this point, Dustin's pretty learned himself. He says he doesn't have any special requests, he's been very fulfilled (so to speak) in the industry.

April 26, 2012 dustincooper Random Stuff 0

Cruising on Craigslist!

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Dustin Cooper wants to give older bloke a try and he ends up coming across Preston Steel's ad on craigslist. The young latin boy heads over to watch a movie, but before long he's getting fucked hard by Preston's big cock. Dustin sits on it, takes it doggystyle, and ends up blowing his load while Preston fucks him missionary. Dustin sits up so Preston can spunk all over his face and lips.

April 23, 2012 dustincooper Videos 0

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